What is branding? The simple answer is branding is all about enhancing your product or company’s reputation wherever it is seen. Consistent messaging built around brand guidelines is very important. So too is company logo design.


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Brand Strategy

Branding helps people connect emotionally with your product or company. But there is a lot more to branding than just making a logo or an advertisement look attractive. The most successful brand designs are all built around sound strategic thinking. So before we even begin to think about how to answer your brief, we first give a lot of thought to your business and your target audience. Then, and only when we have agreed a marketing strategy with you do we let our creative juices go to work.


Logo Design

We live in an increasingly visual world. Our brains process visual imagery 60,000 times faster than words, and research says that people recognize a company’s logo more readily than its name. This all helps to make logo design one of the most important elements in a brand’s identity. Our graphic designers know that a powerful logo can make all the difference, not just cutting your company out from the crowd, but saying the right things about you.


Brand Messaging

People all too often get brand messaging and brand marketing confused. Brand messaging and brand marketing are very different. Brand marketing is defining what you need to say to your target audience. Brand messaging, on the other hand, is how to say it – what tone of voice to adopt and which emotional levers to pull. Our designers know that getting this balance right is key in ensuring your message is considered in the thought of consumers.

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